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Only the captain will determine if the conditions for the trip are unsuitable 24 hrs prior to departure.  Unsuitable conditions consist of stormy weather, too much wind or extreme wave height.  At the captains discretion the deposit may be refunded or the trip will be rescheduled. 

As of 1/1/2024 Deposits for Weekend (Saturday-Sunday) Charters are non-refundable unless the trip can be re-booked within reasonable amount of time.

Customers please take note that A mandatory 14 Day notice is required if you cannot make your scheduled trip for any unforeseen reasons. 

Customer cancellation communications which are generated less than 14 Days from the trip departure time will be noted as a forfeiture of the trip and/or deposit.

On the day of your trip NO CALL, NO SHOW equals NO REFUND or NO RESCHEDULE.

Damage or Lost Fishing Equipment POLICY

Fishing Equipment which is provided at the courtesy of the captain is free to use during your trip but is not free to replace if the rod or reel is lost or damaged while in your possession.  Please do not leave in a unsecured location on the boat.  Mis-use can also resort in damage.  In such a case was to happen please replace the rod and reel with the same exact models or the below dollar amounts.

Bottom fishing rod and reel 175.00

Trolling rod and reel 400.00

Updated 12/11/2023

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