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2013 Reports


April 20

Opening Day of MD Trophy Striped Bass season.

Today was the traditional friend and family day for striped bass.  Us 4 loaded the boat and headed to the main stem of the bay where the striped bass was migrating.  With only a half day in mind we put the tackle and and new boat to the test.  The boat performed extremely well and we managed to boat a 32" and a 40" trophy striped bass in the in adverse conditions.  David  managed a you tube video and well as a few photos to start the season.  Thank you Henry, David and Clayton for making this a successful trip.











May 4​

Today a party of 12 was split between 2 boats.  6 anglers boarded and we went south west to the fishing grounds.  the action recently has been hit or miss so we put forth the effort to try and put some meat in the boat.  We finally got a knock down that we were looking for and manage to boat a chubby 33"/15lb striped bass for the dinner table.  After boating the fish and a few pictures we continued on the search.  We marked them everywhere we went but could not buy another bite.  After searching several more miles the party wanted call it a day and head back to the barn.









May 5

The Prime Time was back at it again chasing the elusive striped bass.  This day we managed to land 2 of the species which were keeper sized but nothing to brag about.  It took time to work for the fish but they were cleaned at the dock and the half day trip was complete.


​May 11

The Prime Time was set on a westerly course at 0600 in search of more striped bass.  Today the bite was hit or miss.  It was all miss today for us so we switched tactics to get some pull-age.  It was not much pull-age but i manage to find a good pocket of fat white perch which wanted our offerings.  Everyone was into the action and had a good time.



​May 18

The Prime Time was out on a half day trip to test more of the bottom fishing ground.  With the migration of post spawn striped bass in this area thinning out, this move proved to be very successful with more nice healthy white perch and spotted hake hitting the deck one after another.   ​



May 27

After mother nature forced taking some time off, The Prime Time went in search of what was biting the best.  I found a great pocket of mixed sized white perch, croaker and undersized striped bass.  Lets congratulate the croakers for making an early appearance and putting the light tackle to the test.  Whoa do i miss seeing the rods double over and drag peel.  The half day evening trip was over, fish was cleaned and boat was scrubbed down waiting for the next venture.



​June 2

Today was a partial photo shoot for the Prime Time.  During the shoot i decided to drop a couple of lines baited with my secret bait and the white perch and croakers would not be shy.  1 pass over the honey hole provided enough for a few dinners and I left them biting.





June 9th


This week is mid-year mainteance week.  Detailing, system checks, equipment checks and replacing what need to be replace,








June 16


The trip today was accompanied by a split group from Baltimore MD.  The target today was bottom fish.  All the bottom fish was hungry upon drifting the baits through the area.  With the drift sort of faster than expected so i decided to drop the anchor infront of the school.  The move paid off to the extreme.  It was lock and load or drop and reel style fishing with all mixed bag and mixed sized fish including croaker, spot, white perch and rockfish coming to the boat.  I'll give it a few more weeks before the spot be here in force then the fun will begin.   TIGHT LINES.





June 21


Today was a walk-on charter with everyone being from the baltimore area.  I decided to give the bottom fish a break and take advantage of the local rockfish bite.  After arriving at the first location and searching around the area I did not find what i was looking for but we gave it a shot anyway.  Need not to say the first drop on the fish was unproductive.  With the fish having lockjaw in location A it was time to move to location B.  At location B the fish decided to cooperate and fed pretty well on our offerings.  All of the fish onboard ranged between 22-26 inches which is a pretty good size fish on light tackle.   After catching a limit of the rockfish we tried for some of the bottom fish which has been more than cooperative.  My bottom fishing area was providing some fish worth keeping but not many so we decided to head to the cleaning station.














June 22


The Prime Time was off on an afternoon excursion again looking for the rockfish which has been cooperating so well.  I will have to blame this on the SUPER MOON but finding the afternoon batch was more difficult that previous.  Once found we were not dissapointed with the quality of the fish.  Short but sweet, there are still some trophies around.  I managed a shot of the tail end of the school i found.  We managed to boat 6 of the fish with only 4 (32,30,26,24) being keepers.  I was not able to stay on the school with all of the rods down at the same time but we managed so good meat out of it for what it was worth. 

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